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Lucky Rabbit

Lucky Rabbit

the evolution of the rabbit heart.

the evolution of the rabbit heart.


They say that slow and steady wins the race…

but whenever I’m on my way somewhere in a rush and a rabbit crosses my path, I always end up at my destination at just the right time.

True story.

I don’t know how they manage to be there when I need the reminder, but bunnies always appear when I need reassurance that I am going the right way, that I’m going to get to my destination, and that I’ll be there on time. They’re like little reminders from the universe that everything is going to be alright.

My Lucky Bunnies are meant to be that type of a reminder. They’re made from soft up cycled cashmere or wool blends from an original pattern in delightful combinations of colors. The bunnies have the cutest little pompom tails and no sharp parts so babies can hold them. They can sit by your desk or your dashboard, in a child’s overnight bag or as an adorable nursery adornment.