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page with picture and information all about Estela the mouse with furry ears.

Estela at the Circle City Industrial Complex. 2018

Estela at the Circle City Industrial Complex. 2018

Estela is listening

with her big, furry ears.

Estela has a star on her forehead because she’s a little bit special.  Some say she is blessed.  She also has really big ears and part of her personality is that she doesn’t not make a lot of noise but she is always listening.  Like most mice, she is timid and small and therefore likes to stay around the walls of a room rather than out in the open or in the middle of a room.  She’s a night creature, kinda blind but has really good hearing. She likes to make burrows., they’re cozy.

Alert and intellectual, also wary of people. Despite that, she is a tough and brave fighter when provoked.  Some mice can kill scorpions, you know. 

Ester is made from repurposed wool sweater squares, her feet are sturdy textured fabrics like velours or canvas, and her face is felt sewn on by machine and hand applique.  Her ears are big (each toy is different) and made out of plush and velours.