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A friendly group of Square Dudes. Circle City Industrial Complex. 2018.

A friendly group of Square Dudes. Circle City Industrial Complex. 2018.


Square Dudes are reliable.

Aren’t squares that way usually?

They’re not going to let you down.

Square Dude is the type of reliable friend you want to have.  He is modest and humble and made of mostly straight lines. What he may be lacking in curves and bends he makes up for in stability and order.  He is balanced and measured in most aspects except for his arms of exaggerated length.

The Square Dude wears corduroy because he likes the straight lines, but his button eyes are bright and shiny and he always has a smile, even if it is small.  He has a funny side too, and his generous arms made of wild and colorful fabrics are perfect at giving extra hugs.  His form speaks to strong structure, reliability. Oh we already said that.

Square Dude is reading the newspaper every morning with a black coffee.  He is embracing new and bright ideas while being very confident in his own reliable shape. He’s not skipping or flying around, but he is sometimes really good at hanging by the arms.