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Sleepy Owl

info about sleepy owl plush toys by Bebito

SLeepy Owl


Sleepy owl is a Wise and comforting friend…

She has a sweet sleepy smile and a secret pocket on her back where you can put things that are important to you. You can be sure that she will keep your treasures safe.  If you’re having trouble figuring something out and you feel like you’re in the dark you can tell her. Owls are known to have the best night vision in all of the animal kingdom, not to mention the gift of silent flight and wisdom.

Her eyes are closed to promote a peaceful, gentle and calming atmosphere. Sleepy Owls are constructed from re-purposed and felted wool and embellished with felt appliqué and intricate hand embroidery.  Each owl has small wings made of soft textured fabric such as velours, velvet or flannel. The texture and soft colors of the toy are meant to be engaging and also calming and relaxing to the mind and spirit. The sleepy owl is very sturdily constructed to resist damage, she has no sharp or easily removable parts so can be loved by even the smallest humans.  She is best washed by hand with soap and water and can be tumble dried on a low setting.

the sweetest sleep companion.